Australian Christian Alliance will Endeavour to Be the Primary Affiliation Platform for Sound, Biblical and God Honouring Churches, Ministries, Preachers and Christians Nationwide. 

 Identifying the Need for An Alliance With Like-Minded Churches – Ministries – Preachers – Christians  Who Have;

A High View of Scripture [that it is inerrant, authoritative and sufficient for all the believer’s life and conduct]

A High View of the Church [that it is vital for Christians to be serving in a local Church, where applicable]

– An Understanding of the True Gospel [that Jesus Christ, the very Son of God and God incarnate, died by crucifixion under the full wrath of a holy God in order to redeem sinners by standing in their law place, that He rose again the third day and that repentance & justification by faith alone be preached to the entire world.]


 ACA seeks To Bring Together a Collective That Are Unified in Their Approach To;

 – The Proclamation of The Gospel

– The Necessity to Reject Pragmatic, Relative and Humanistic Philosophies of Ministry 

The Need For Sound Biblical Preaching of the Word of God